This website is a research tool for making quick-look science online using data from the XMM-Newton source catalog. For the first time it implements several advanced features for scientific analysis such as X-ray spectral fitting and photons extraction with barycentering in a web browser. It also follows a unique development model representing an example of new type of citizen science with highly skilled volunteers. Brief overview of these concepts is given in the following presentation: XMM_catalog.pdf.


The web application has benefited from the assistance of citizen scientists — highly experienced software engineers working outside the academia that volunteered to help with its development. Here is the list of contributors in alphabetical order:


The website is experimental and works in β mode, so some features may not work properly. If you believe you came across its malfunction, or want to request a new feature, please visit our user feedback page and vote for existing bugs / feature requests or add new ones. For personal comments you are welcome to email site authors.


If this website is useful for your research, please include the link and cite Zolotukhin et al. (2017) ApJ 839 125 in any emerging publication.


We would like to acknowledge the usage of these open source technologies: