Here we list several web services which may be helpful for doing research with the XMM-Newton data.

Flix upper limit server

Currently available only for 3XMM-DR5 subset of data:

TAP (Table Access Protocol) server

TAP server at CDS VizieR allows you to do large scale cross-matches of your source lists with the XMM-Newton catalog (sources table only): 3XMM-DR5, 3XMM-DR6 (3XMM-DR8 to be released soon). Alternatively, in a TAP client of your choice (TOPCAT is a very good option) enter service url and then use "IX/46/xmm3r5s" for the 3XMM-DR5 sources table name or "IX/50/xmm3r6s" for the 3XMM-DR6 sources table name (3XMM-DR8 to be released soon).


The SSC provides another Web interface based on SAADA and named the XCatDB ( Its main features are: